How to increase the flight time of UAV’s?

The most important parameter, which is the result of performance in aircraft, is flight time. There are many parameters that affect the flight time. After the necessary calculations, how long an aircraft will stay in the air can be calculated before the flight.

The simplest way to increase the flight time of the aircraft is through a high performance propulsion system suitable for the task and an accurate design.

What is the flight time? What time period does it cover?

The total elapsed time from the moment an aircraft starts its first motion for take-off, under its own power or by the application of an external power, to the moment when it comes to an allotted parking space for the purpose of unloading and/or embarking passengers, cargo or other contents by stopping completely at the end of the flight or mission. time.

How do you calculate flight time?

Calculation of flight time begins by determining flight envelopes. The capacity of the battery or another power source that powers the aircraft is another parameter to calculate the flight time. Flight time is the time the battery will provide power to the aircraft from the beginning of the flight to the end of the flight.

How does optimizing motor-propeller efficiency  affect flight time?

Making the most optimum selections in the aircraft will increase the flight time of the aircraft. The propulsion group consumes most of the battery’s power. Thrust group selection is therefore very important. It is very important to choose the engine that can provide the necessary thrust to the aircraft. In addition, it is very important to choose the most suitable propeller for the usage area and structure of the aircraft, and to consider the propeller-engine compatibility in this selection process. In this way, you will be able to design the most efficient aircraft and stay in the air longer by keeping the accident-breakdown low with less cost.

The ways to increase battery life of UAV’s.

Paying attention to the maximum discharge value.

Charging in accordance with the specification and in a balanced way

To ensure that the thrust group is suitable for the maximum current it may need.

Using batteries with high energy depending on the desired flight time.

Choosing a suitable battery for the motor-propeller combination.

To ensure that the outer protector of the battery is not injured.

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