Journey at UMEX, Abu Dhabi

Semai Aviation’s Adventurous Journey at UMEX, Abu Dhabi

Our latest expedition took us to the heart of Abu Dhabi for the UMEX SIMTEX, marking Semai Aviation’s third engagement in a global drone expo. This year, we showcased our advanced Dynotis models, the ST-151 & ST-751, at ADNEC, embracing the vibrant spirit of innovation that defines this event. Despite an unexpected start due to challenges that saw us missing the initial day of the three day expo, our spirits remained unhindered. This hiccup meant we unfortunately missed out on early opportunities to connect with potential military buyers, investors, and distributors. Yet, the subsequent days were filled with unparalleled excitement and valuable encounters. We met a diverse array of companies, from industry behemoths to nascent startups many of which we had not crossed paths with at previous expos. The standout moment of our participation was the reception of our Dynotis ST-751 model, which garnered significant attention for its innovation and capabilities. Representing Turkey, we stood among numerous compatriots, yet the unique appeal of our offerings shone through. This expo was not just another event, it was the largest we’ve participated in to date, expanding our horizons and enriching our experience more than ever before.

The journey through UMEX has ignited a renewed determination within us to broaden our reach, particularly in the Middle East. The effort to secure a distributor in the region is in full swing, propelled by the promising leads and connections we’ve made. As we reflect on our time in Abu Dhabi, our morale is high, and our gaze is set on even grander aspirations. The potential unlocked at UMEX has emboldened us to aim for greater success and forge lasting partnerships in future expos. With every new experience, Semai Aviation grows stronger, more adept, and ever more eager to explore the vast possibilities that lie ahead in the unmanned systems landscape.

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