About Us

At the heart of our endeavors lies the vision to be ranked among the top 25 Urban Air Mobility companies worldwide. With Semai, we are paving the way towards safer and cleaner urban air travel. Our mission extends to harnessing Turkey's high potential human resources, adding value and fostering employment within this burgeoning sector. Built for its unparalleled accuracy, our product enables customers to depend on the precision of the data they gather. This meticulous precision stems from our steadfast commitment to exact measurements, thorough calibration processes and intelligent design.

Serving an ever-growing international clientele, Semai Aviation's products and software are not just tools but catalysts for a smarter, greener future, supporting the most cutting-edge companies and research institutions worldwide.


Bülent Tanilli

Founder & CEO

James E. A. Dobie

Marketing & Sales Engineer

İdris Kosova

Mechanical & Test Engineer

Mustafa Çağrı Kurt

Hardware Engineer

Kadir Ak

Software Engineer

Teamwork at Semai isn't just a practice, our philosophy, fueling our journey to redefine aviation.

Collaborative Synergy

At Semai, we embody the spirit of a startup. An innovative, agile, and committed ideology! Our goal is to enrich the aviation sector with every team member's contribution, fostering a landscape of continuous improvement and excellence.

United in Innovation

We are a vibrant coalition of individuals. Each of us hailing from different parts, united in our mission. Guided by our mentors' wisdom, we work collaboratively and with unwavering dedication to advance the future of aviation.