DYNOTIS Testbench: Comprehensive Motor-Propeller Testing

Dynotis is a testbench built to assist you in your engineering decisions, allowing for comprehensive comparison of different motor-propeller combinations for a given mission. We also specialize in crafting TAILOR-MADE testbenches, designed to meet the unique specifications and requirements of your specialized projects.


Optimize Your Propulsion System with Our Thrust Test Stand

Dynotis is the cutting-edge solution engineered to revolutionize how you assess and optimize motor-propeller combinations tailored to your specific mission objectives.

By leveraging advanced technology, Dynotis accurately measures and collects high-fidelity data from your propulsion system using a thrust test stand, providing unparalleled insights into its performance and efficiency.

With Dynotis, you gain a competitive edge in pinpointing the most optimal propulsion system for your project with unparalleled precision and confidence. Experience the future of engineering analysis with Dynotis's thrust test stand.

Features of the DYNOTIS Thrust Stand

  • Measured Values

    Dynotis measures essential parameters of your propulsion system.

  • Thrust
  • Torque
  • Propeller RPM (revolution per minute)
  • Motor temperature
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Ambient pressure
  • Ambient temperature
  • Wind speed*
  • Wind direction*
  • Calculated Values

    Dynotis comes with an in-built calculator that automatically calculates the following.

  • Brushless motor+ESC efficiency
  • Propeller efficiency
  • Total Propulsion system efficiency
  • Air density
  • Power coefficient (Cp)
  • Thrust coefficient (Ct)
  • Torque coefficient (Cq)
  • Advance ratio*
  • *Available with dynamic testing kit option

Advanced Capabilities of DYNOTIS

No assembly required

Dynotis comes fully assembled out of the box. Just mount your brushless DC motor, motor controller, and propeller onto Dynotis, connect a powerbank to power up and connect the Dynotis to your PC using the cable provided to initiate your testing process just after minutes.

.csv Data output

The Semai Dynotis comes with advanced data acquisition software. The software gives users the freedom to monitor and manually control their tests. The data acquisition rate can reach up to 1000 HZ depending on the density of the output parameters.

Connectivity and software

Enjoy seamless connectivity to your PC with Dynotis through the USB cable or an optional WiFi module. Its intuitive graphical user interface ensures effortless navigation and clear information presentation, enhancing user experience and simplifying operation for your test bench.

Vibration Level Sensing

The system consistently and thoroughly evaluates the vibration levels of the propulsion system, issuing warnings to the user whenever balancing adjustments are necessary. This approach helps prevent damage by ensuring the system remains optimally balanced at all times.

Measuring Ambient Conditions

Environmental conditions such as air temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, and other atmospheric variables impact propulsion system efficiency. To accurately compare different propulsion systems' performance, it's crucial to consider these testing environmental conditions.

In-Built Efficiency Calculator

The Semai Dynotis features an integrated calculator that computes key performance indicators for your propulsion system. It determines the efficiency of brushless motors, propellers, and the system. Additionally, it calculates the power coefficient (Cp), thrust coefficient (Ct), torque coefficient (Cq), and advance ratio, set to zero for static tests.


Education Kit

The Dynotis Education Kit offers a hands-on learning experience in electric propulsion with a simple, safe, and reliable setup. Perfect for students and educators, it makes understanding thrust stands and propulsion systems straightforward and engaging.

Wireless Kit

Say goodbye to USB cables with the Dynotis Wireless Kit. Easily connect your Dynotis electric propulsion test stand to your PC via WiFi, providing you with more flexibility and convenience during your testing process.

Dynamic Kit

Dynamic Kit Simplify your vehicle testing with the Dynotis Dynamic Kit. Eliminate the need for wind tunnels and enjoy a hassle-free testing experience that saves you time and resources.