Semai Aviation 1 Week in India

Semai Aviation’s Week of Collaboration in India: A Chronicle of Partnership and Innovation

Semai Aviation embarked on a transformative journey to India, marking a significant milestone as it is the first time Semai Aviation embarked on a journey outside of Turkey. In our mission to forge global partnerships and explore innovative frontiers our CEO, Mr. Bülent Tanilli, accepted the gracious invitation from Mr. Vinod Kumar Samanthula , CEO of SenseAcre, setting the stage for a series of fruitful encounters and discussions that spanned the whole of India’s technological and agricultural landscape. Guided by Mr. Vinod Kumar’s experties, we delved into India’s vibrant innovation ecosystem, engaging with key institutions and companies such as T-Hub, Vector Technics, the Indian Institute of Technology, and ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics). Each meeting was an opportunity to connect, share insights, and explore the potential for collaboration.


Our engagement with Vector Technics was particularly enlightening, where we were warmly welcomed by Mr. Prudhvi Raj and Mr. Karna Raj. The discussions centered around the future of aviation and potential collaborations, reflecting a shared vision for making a significant impact both nationally and globally. Mr. Vinod Kumar Samanthula’s pivotal role in facilitating this meeting was instrumental in uncovering avenues for mutual growth and innovation. Another highlight was our rich dialogue with Mr. Srikanth, who leads the Digital Agriculture initiatives at ICRISAT. This prestigious institution, renowned worldwide for its contributions to agriculture, provided a platform for discussing how advancements in technology can revolutionize the agricultural sector. Our discussions, catalyzed by Mr. Vinod’s facilitation, culminated in the exciting prospect of an international online meeting on June 21st. This meeting will connect Semai’s dynamic vision with SenseAcre, ICRISAT, and İzmir Tarım Teknolojileri Merkezi (ITTM), symbolizing a collective stride toward innovation and collaborative spirit. Reflecting on our week in India, we’re inspired by the connections we’ve made and the potential pathways to innovation that lie ahead. As we look forward to the synergies and partnerships that will emerge from this journey, we’re reminded of the power of shared goals and collaborative effort in driving forward the future of aviation and agriculture. Our time in India was not just a series of meetings; it was a leap towards establishing lasting relationships and exploring new horizons of possibility. We are excited for what the future holds and are eager to continue building on the foundations laid during this remarkable week.

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