DroneX London

Semai Aviation Soars at DroneX Tradeshow in London

On September 2023, Semai Aviation once again marked its presence on the international stage, this time at the DroneX Tradeshow in the city of London, England. Showcasing our innovative Dynotis models, the ST-151 & ST-501, we were proud to stand as the sole representatives of Turkey, bringing a slice of our homeland’s pioneering spirit to the UK. The event, spanning September 26-27, 2023, at the Excel London, was an exhilarating showcase of the latest in drone technology. Our booth, C100, became a beacon for attendees eager to witness the cutting-edge capabilities of the Dynotis family. The expo was a melting pot of opportunities, allowing us to rub shoulders with industry giants and budding startups alike. The connections made and the experiences gained were invaluable, signaling a promising start to our expo journey in London. However, the highlight was undeniably the Dynotis ST-151 model, which not only captured the attention of attendees but also culminated in an on-the-spot sales agreement, underscoring the impactful presence and potential of our products.

Our second adventure into the world of international expos has not only bolstered our morale but also sharpened our focus on even loftier goals. The success at DroneX Tradeshow has affirmed the significant potential these platforms offer for networking, showcasing innovations, and forging new partnerships. As we look forward to participating in more expos, we carry with us the hope and expectation that each will be as fruitful, if not more so, than our memorable experience at DroneX London. Semai Aviation is set on a trajectory of growth and success, and we’re excited for what the future holds.

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