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Elevate your drone technology with the Dynotis ST-101. Engineered for peak performance in competitions and innovation, this test stand is available in both standard and pro editions, with the pro meeting ASTM standards for precision.

ST-101 Pro

The Dynotis ST-101 Pro is the pinnacle of precision in drone testing technology. Crafted by SEMAI, this advanced test bench exceeds industry standards, achieving unparalleled accuracy with ASTM E74 and E2428 calibrations for thrust and torque. Ideal for competitive contests and innovative research, the ST-101 Pro enables peak performance, setting new benchmarks in drone technology excellence.



Ships within 1-2 weeks

Discover SEMAI's Dynotis ST-151! A marvel of engineering for top tier drone performance. Standard and pro versions soon available, both meeting rigorous ASTM calibration standards.

ST-151 Pro

The Dynotis ST-151 Pro sets the standard in drone testing precision. Calibrated to the stringent ASTM E74 and E2428 standards, it provides reliable, accurate measurements essential for both academic and commercial R&D. Ideal for pushing the boundaries of drone technology, the ST-151 Pro is the ultimate tool for enhancing engineering outcomes.



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The Dynotis ST-501 SEMAI's latest leap in flight tech. Expect enhanced specs for thrust, torque, and larger propellers, meeting top ASTM standards.

ST-501 Pro

Introducing the Dynotis ST-501 Pro, SEMAI's cutting-edge test equipment tailored for UAVs and eVTOLs. This model features superior specifications for larger propellers and delivers precise, reliable propulsion tests under ASTM E74 and E2428 standards. Ideal for pioneering engineering teams, the ST-501 Pro is designed to push the boundaries of aerospace technology.



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SEMAI unveils the Dynotis ST-51, a compact yet powerful tool perfect for university teams and innovators seeking a winning edge especially in nano drone technology.



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SEMAI proudly introduces the Dynotis ST-751, a testament to our pioneering spirit in aerial innovation. Experience this exceptional model, featuring advanced specs and calibrated precision.

ST-751 Pro

Introducing the Dynotis ST-751 Pro from SEMAI, a breakthrough in testing equipment designed for advanced aerospace challenges. With unparalleled specifications for thrust and torque accuracy, calibrated to ASTM E74 and E2428 standards, the ST-751 Pro is ideal for testing UAVs to eVTOLs. This tool represents SEMAI's commitment to innovation and excellence, making it essential for any team pushing the limits in aerospace technology.