The Ideal Package for Teachers and Students.

The design and simulation of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) highly depends on the thrust produced by a motor-propeller combination. Are you looking to learn more about electric propulsion systems? or are you a teacher looking to teach your students the theory and the practical application of propeller and motor theory? Then this is the ideal package for you. The Education package is specifically designed by experts to help students nourish their understanding of the electric propulsion system.


The education package consists of the following:

 Dynotis ST-101







A test bench design to measure all the parameters you need to understand the fundamentals of an electric propulsion system. The Dynotis ST-101 measures thrust up to 10kgf and torque up to 3,5 NM. It measures input current and voltage. The hardware comes with an easy to use graphical user interface to control and monitor the tests







  • Two Brushless Motors 


There are several choices of brushless motors in the market with different characteristics. Inruners vs outrunners, low Kv vs High Kv brushless motors, and many other varying parameters. Most students have a hard time understanding the difference between these characteristics. The education package comes in two brushless motors and a set of tutorials and guides to practical observe the difference in brushless motors and understand how to pick the right one for your project.

sunnysky   emax




  • A propeller set











  • One ESC                          skywalker                                                                                          










  • One e-book with tutorials