SEMAI Presents: The Compact Powerhouse - DYNOTIS ST-51

Innovation meets compactness in SEMAI's newest creation - the Dynotis ST-51.(data sheet) For university drone teams aiming for victory in competitions or pursuing cutting-edge drone applications, the ST-51 offers a blend of performance and size that can set them apart from the competition. Engineering and technology students can benefit immensely from the hands-on experience the ST-51 offers, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.


Whether you're a niche drone manufacturer or a hobbyist entering the world of flight or a university team looking to make an impact in the university drone competitions, the ST-51 is your perfect companion. Small in size but packed with the essence of SEMAI's top-tier technology.

Specification ST-51
Basic Information
Storage Temp & Humidity -20°C 〜 +60°C = ‹ 90% suggested
Operating Temp & Humidity -20°C 〜 +50°C = ‹ %75 suggested
Dimensions 320 x 450 x 400 mm
Net Weight 2.1 kg
Power Supply 5V 1A USB Type-B
Max Propeller Diameter 18 inch
Sampling Rate 10 Hz
Voltage and Current
Voltage Range 0 - 60 V
Voltage Resolution 0,015 Volt
Voltage Accuracy ±0.5%
Current Range 0 - 75 A
Current Resolution 0,02 A
Current Accuracy ±0.3%
Range 5 kgf
Resolution 0.001 kgF (1 gF)
Accuracy ±2%
Range 3 Nm
Resolution 0,001 Nm (1 Nmm)
Accuracy ±4%
RPM Sensor
Range 0 - 60 000 RPM
Working Environment Indoor
Accuracy ±1 RPM
Motor Temperature
Range -20 〜 +350 °C
Resolution 0.02 °C
Accuracy ±0.5 °C