Dynotis is a testbench built to assist you in your engineering decision to compare the performance of different motor-propeller combinations for a given mission. It measures and collects high-fidelity data of your propulsion system and derives its efficiency. With our product, you can find the most efficient propulsion system for your project.




Easy Assembly 

A propulsion system consists of a brushless motor, propeller, ESC, and battery. With our Dynotis, any of these components can be easily changed. There is no soldering, this allows a quick swap of these components without wasting time. 



Special Motor Mounting Plate

Dynotis comes with a well-designed motor-mounting plate to accommodate several brushless motors in the market. No need to design a new mounting plate whenever you want to test a different motor. The special motor mounting plate that comes with our Dynotis gives you more degree freedom. Switch motors and continue your test instantly.



Measuring Environmental Conditions 

Propulsion system efficiency is affected by environmental conditions. Air temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, and other atmospheric conditions have been shown to adversely affect propulsive efficiency. In order to accurately compare the performance of different propulsion systems, the testing environmental conditions need to be taken into account. Our Dynotis measures ambient temperature and pressure during every test.



Health Monitoring 

Brushless motors are basically made of coil and magnets. Heat generation can affect the performance of brushless at certain working conditions or rotational speeds. Dynotis comes with an infrared temperature sensor which is used to monitor the thermal behavior of brushless motors during tests. 




In-Built Efficiency Calculator 

The Semai Dynotis comes with an in-built calculator that automatically calculates the following 

  • Brushless motor efficiency 
  • Propeller efficiency 
  • Global system efficiency  
  • Power coefficient (Cp)
  • Thrust coefficient (Ct)
  • Torque coefficient (Cq)
  • Advance ratio

*For static testing (Advance ratio is zero).

The GUI allows you to plot any two of these parameters. (measured or calculated).  See product details for measurement range.



Data Acquisition Software

The Semai Dynotis comes with advanced data acquisition software. The software gives users the freedom to monitor and manually control their tests. The data acquisition rate can reach up to 50 HZ depending on the density of the output parameters. The software communicates wirelessly to the control station. It is integrated with a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that is easy to use and user-friendly.